About TidyNs

First year for free!

Register now and get the first year for free. No catch, no obligations, and you can cancel your subscription any time. No credit card is needed.
After the first year you can decide if you want to continue with your subscription for as little as $19 annual fee.

What is included

With your subscription you can create up to 10 dynamic DNS services under the tidyns.net domain.

What is dynamic DNS

If you have a device, e.g. home server, web camera, vpn box, any IoT device or anything similar, you certainly need persistent addressing in order to access your device from remote. Our dynamic DNS service assigns an easy to remember address to your device (e.g. mydevice.tidyns.net). Then you can install our update client application on your device so it can monitor ip address changes of your device and update the associated address to the current ip address. For more information on the dynamic DNS concept please see this wikipedia site.

The TidyNs project

We created TidyNs.com to provide a high quality dynamic DNS solution, that is simple and straightforward. No annoying monthly renewals, no advertisments, no meaningless limitations and of course it is not overpriced. So TidyNs is meant to be - and shall remain - simple, clear, on the point, without hassle.
We believe we managed our goal, but in case you were looking for an extra feature that is note yet there, just send us a mail describing your request. We are prioritizing our development effort on the most wanted features.